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Gokul Pithe March 23, 2011

Filed under: Bengali Sweets — recipesfrombengal @ 8:39 am
200 gms of grated coconut for filling
2 liters milk, boiled and reduced to 2 cup -kheer for filling
50 gms sugar or gur  to add to coconut milk cakes for filling
150 gms flour for the batter , 200 ml water for the batter
40 gms ghee for the batter,
pinch of sodium bicarbonate for the batter,
250 gms sugar for syrup,
500 ml water for syrup 

ghee for deep frying


To make the syrup
Heat the sugar and water in a pan. Simmer until syrup is of a medium thick consistency. Remove from fire and cool. Syrup should be of soft ball consistency.

To make filling
In a pan, fry the coconut, kheer and sugar together until well blended to make filling. Continue stirring to avoid the filling getting stuck at the bottom of the pan. Remove from fire.

To make the cakes
For 25 cakes divide the coconut-kheer mixture into 25 portions.
First roll into balls and flatten between the palms to form the cakes. Powder your palms with flour for ease in forming the cakes.
Now make the batter by mixing flour, remaining water, sodium bi carbonate and a little ghee together

Heat ghee in a karai for deep frying. Coat a few coconut-milk cakes at a time in the prepared batter. Deep fry until a rich golden brown colour. Remove from pan with slotted spoon. Drain on paper for a couple of minutes and while still quite hot, immerse in the syrup.


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